What does MЄdical Flossing mean?
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Firmly bind and move joints or muscles! This is the principle of so-called medical flossing. This is
understood to mean the relatively tight wrapping of limb joints or parts by means of a specially developed latex band for this purpose using a separate application technique.

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Flossing comes from the USA and was further developed by the physiotherapists Ralf Blume and Andreas Ahlhorn into medical flossing. Since 2014, a competent team of experts consisting of physiotherapists, sports physicians and scientists has formed around the two founders. Medical-Flossing is not an independent therapy method, but can be integrated in many forms of treatment! 

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The creative physio duo would like to share their know-how and that is why there are regularly interesting seminars and intensive training courses on the subject of medical flossing. In a relaxed atmosphere you will learn how the flossing works and is applied to the patient.

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Andreas Ahlhorn and Oliver Derigs guide you step by step through the theory and practice of flossing. In addition to the mechanisms of action and risk factors, the precise practical handling of the flossing tape is presented using the example of various applications.
This DVD provides sound knowledge for the implementation in the therapy, but also in training for faster regeneration and hypertrophy.

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Whether fitforfun.de, Thieme Verlag, netzathleten.de or Bild.de: everyone agrees! Medical Flossing is worth mentioning. The most moving new physics technique of the year. Read what has been published in the press world about medical flossing.